The Dozey Geekette
Diary of a Geek Girl

The Return of the Geekette

I have recently been enjoying a resurgence of my inner Geekiness of late. There have been times when the Geekette Within has gone off and lain down in a quiet corner for a while when life got a bit hectic leaving me floundering in a world of ‘normality’. However, that little spark has been getting a bit stronger again, and I’ve had a rummage in that pile of unread comics, picked up my paintbrush again and dusted off a few of those Anime DVDs stuck at the back of the shelf.

So, I thought that I’d devote this shiney new blog to release that Inner Geekiness which has been smouldering away! Wish me luck as I venture forth once more into those heady and wonderful realms!


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