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Game Night

Last night was our gaming group’s regular weekly game. Moderately good snacks – there was the usual offering of “Who Can Bring the Strangest Flavour of Crisps/Savoury Snacks”. I’m not quite sure what last night’s flavour was – they didn’t last long enough for me to catch site of the packet! We also had a large pack of Minstrels – yum.

The game itself was good – we are currently playing Living Arcanis at the moment. My character didn’t have much to do though since, as a Dark-Kin fighter called Ralta. The story line did not permit any Infernal character to do much – so I just spent the time lurking at the back and camping around my own little campfire – only getting out to whack a few Stone Giants around for a while. (Or rather, to let them whack ME around. Ended that particular skirmish with only 1 hit pt!)


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