The Dozey Geekette
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The Dozey Geekette Tour

Come along on a small tour with me. Here you will marvel at my astounding collection of quite out-of-date gadgets and gizmos. Be amazed at how I manage to survive with such low-spec machinery…

I watched a newsy type item on TV a little while ago, where random people were waylaid by a TV film crew and asked about their various gadgets – phones, camera’s etc. Most of them just had these lovely items of electronic wonder because it was ‘trendy’ to have them. That ‘that’s what the shop selling person told them they should have’. Nearly all of them didn’t even know that half the stuff on their phones was there, let alone use them!!!! Now, in an ideal world in which I had won the lottery, I would have every possible gadgety thing available! It’s SO frustrating to see these wonderful and magical items being wasted in such a cruel way! Sigh, ah well. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes! The tour – well, it’s not actually a tour as such. Just some rather nice photos of my beloved gadgets….

This my Lovely Laptop – it’s over 5 years old now and a bit of a dinosaur, however, it’s a good little machine and I love it.



Another view of my laptop.


This is my nice mobile phone complete with fuzzy dangly cow thingie. It’s a Samsung D500 – almost obsolete now, but I really like it.


Behold my iPod Nano – I LOVE my Nanopod. ‘Tis a most wonderful Podular of Blueness. I also have a rather nifty crystal case for it which my Better-Half gave me for my birthday. It was a very difficult decision deciding which colour to go for – it was between the pink one and the blue one. I eventually (obviously) went for the blue.


I would have really loved the pink version of this but it wasn’t released until a couple months after I got this one. Typical. Don’t you find it really funny how all these companies think that the best way to get females to buy their products, is to just make them pink? I do find myself drawn inexplicably towards pinkness though…


This isn’t a photo of my actual camera, because I was having a bit of trouble getting it to take a picture of itself. I did briefly consider sticking it in the scanner and doing it that way, but I eventually just took the easy way out and got one of the net. As you can see, my camera is also pink, although to be honest, I would have preferred a brighter more luminous shade of Hot Pink, but it wasn’t available. It will probably become available in a few months time. Speaking of Hot Pink, one of my early mobiles, a Sony Ericsson T10, was of that particular colour. It was awfully nice.


Finally, this is my ex-PDA. After several years of faithful service, my poor PDA finally went to the great Motherboard in the sky. I never really recovered from being shlucked by my then 2 year old Toddler, who had somehow managed to remove it from my bag, where I thought it was safe from little paws. I keep it by the PC as a little momento of happy times.


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