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Those Pesky Temporal Anomalies!

This morning my alarm went off. It’s one of those nice radio controlled projector clocks which keeps the absolute correct time by picking up a signal from Greenwich  – just like every good little Geekette should have – especially when you are as forgetful and unorganized as I am. Thanks to these clever little timepieces, I never have to worry about moving the clocks forward or back again during Daylight Saving.

So, back to this morning, the alarm went off at 6am. I couldn’t believe how tired I felt. So much so that I decided to have and extra half hour in bed. So 6:30 came along and I forced myself awake, got up and started off the morning routine in my usual zombie like early-morning way. Go downstairs, put on TV, put outside light on for the milkman, turn on low kitchen light, make coffee. So gulping down the caffeine for that much needed kick start, I turned on the TV (Hoping that it would work – our Satellite TV has been freezing alarmingly for the last few days… not good) In my bleary state, I noticed that the morning BBC newsy type prog wasn’t on! Thinking the obvious – that there had been some sort of national calamity and the BBC had indeed been bought over by Starbucks, I notice that the Sky TV clock was reading 02:40. Obviously the service had stuck again during the night.  I glumly finished my coffee and wandered back to the kitchen getting ready to go back upstairs and get my shower. But then… I noticed that the clock on the wall said 2:40 as well – obviously the battery had finally run down – it had been slowing up for several weeks (which reminds me, must put in new battery!)  However – then I noticed the other radio controlled clock on the DAB. It too read 02:40.


I went back upstairs and sure enough – the bedroom clock still said it was 06:45 now.

I woke my Better Half up and told him that I didn’t know what time it was. I don’t think he was very pleased about this as this was his first day back at work after a weeks holiday. So he just went back to sleep assuming I was being strange as usual.

I decided to switch off and re-set the clock and sure enough, when it re-located the signal again, it was 02:45 after all! Oh how I laughed. Well, it was something to do while I was unable to get back to sleep again after all the caffeine.

Does not bode well for the rest of the week I fear…


2 Responses to “Those Pesky Temporal Anomalies!”

  1. Don’t worry It happens to me all the time – I normally end up waking up after aboput 2 hours and conning myself into beliveing that its time to get up and go to work… I hate those days with a passion


  2. There’s nothing better than conning yourself into believing something!
    Then it all gets confusing and I usually end up losing touch with reality altogether!
    Who needs reality anyway?
    Just go back to bed and pretend you’re a millionaire!
    Yay! Problem solved!

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