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As I wandered around the local mini-mart this morning in my usual Zombie-like daze, the front cover of this weeks Radio Times suddenly grabbed my otherwise non-existent attention. The jolly face of a Sontaran was gazing out at me. Came very close to letting a big giant whoop of joy – which would have been quite embarrassing…
You know that would have made a much better story if I had actually let out a big giant whoop of joy with everyone staring at me as though I’d gone mad, and then me having a jolly chortle at my silliness followed by lots of fond eye rolling and friendly head shaking from those around me.

In fact without that, it really is an incredibly dull and pointless post really….

I would actually also post a copy of said Radio Times cover, but the BBC would probably sue me for breach of copyright (which would in itself be a rather amusing tale to tell over after-dinner mints ) or else they might send round the BBC Police squad and I would just go missing…. kept prisoner forever beneath their vast and endless underground Props Department complex.



One Response to “SONTARANS!!!!”

  1. Copyright Laws are a bit of a bind nowadays. Everything is way too politically correct IMO. Great post!

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