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Gadget Refresh

Since I started this blog, some of my most beloved gadgets have sadly burned out – much to my horror and sadness.Among the roll call of the gone are my PDA, and my first laptop.

However, you can never keep a good Geekette down for long, so here are my couple of pics of my latest gadgety goodness!


Fujitsu Siemens Amilo - My Lovely New Laptop

This is my lovely new laptop – well, actually I’ve had it a coupld of months now.

The surface next to the touchpad is beginning to show signs of loving wear and tear already – ahhhhh.

It’s a lovely machine and makes me very happy!

Indeed, this photo was taken not half an hour ago.

I’ve also upgraded my iPod speakers, moving the old ones into the kitchen for some kitcheny booginess. These are about mid-range speakers, and I must say, the sound difference between these and the next price range (In my opinion) is negligible. These have excellent bass and treble range and sound is great!

Altec Lansing Speakers

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