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Sugar Puffs – Scourge of the Universe!

Sugar Puffs – they seem so harmless don’t they? Those little puffs of sugery goodness. Pop then in you cerial bowl of a morn and munch away, giving you sustenance until at least – well, mid morning.

But, then, as you go about your daily business, you start noticing the odd one or two which have fallen onto the kitchen floor… You pick them up, walk over the bucket, then turn around – and they’re back…!

Then they start to multipy before your very eyes! The more you look, the more you see – they’re everywhere… 

On the Kitchen table…

All over the kitchen floor…

On the Walls…

Sticking on your socks…

On the elbow of your jumper/shirt/top/blouse/pyjamas…

In your hair…

But you don’t notice those attached to your person right away, oh no – indeed not! Instead, you only realise this after that important client meeting/chance encounter with your child’s teacher/boss/neighbour…

Suddenly you realise just why the postman was looking at you strangely as he handed you that package.

These are the Stealth Puffs. 

The Military should take note and make them into some sort of tactical weapon.

Have you ever tried to scrape hardened Sugar Puffs off a kitchen surface? Tools required are a chisel and a heavy duty  sledgehammer. You could construct indestructable buildings made out of a combination of Sugar Puffs and Rice Krispies! (You do need to add milk as a binding agent though…) 

So beware!


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