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The Strange Case of The Diminishing Pizza

I love pizza. I could (and do) live off the stuff. Tis the food of the Gods. One of my long standing favourites has always been ‘the Hut of the Pizza’ (well, don’t want to get sued or anything!) and I’ve spent far too much money on ordering them than I really care to think about. 

I’ve thought that I must have been imagining the strange way that their sizes have seemed to be shrinking – you know, rembering the good old days when one large sized would do me for several days… 

So last night, we ordered one large one and used a voucher that entitled us to one free medium cheese and tomato…

When it was delivered, we could actually compare the two – the ‘large’ was little more than the old ‘medium’ size and the ‘medium’ was just a fraction bigger than what used to be called a ‘small’!!!

Now if only their prices would suffer the same mysterious infliction…

So, having carried out an extensive 2 minutes of intense research, I’m afraid to say that this looks to be a problem of Global proportions! It’s happening all over the world! (Which is presumably why I cleverly chose the word ‘global’ in the previous sentence…)

We must take action before all is lost and the Pizzas of Earth have ceased to exist! It will not be long before they are an extinct food source! 

Write to your local PH (or any other place you’ve notice this happening!) Appeal for the well being of this beautiful and perfect bready cheesy substance…! 

Help me to protect this endangered species before it’s too late!



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