The Dozey Geekette
Diary of a Geek Girl

The Confusion Continues….

New Year’s Eve always confuses me… which is quite usually the case for any given day that I breeze through in large puffs of confusion, however this day in particular is doubly confusing. 

Half the world is in next year while the other bits of it  suddenly explode in loads of fireworks and toasts (not the munching kind, the slurpy kind. Although either would be perfectly acceptable if you ask me.) So is today next year or last year? And what about all the gaps left by leap years and leap seconds? Where do they all go? 

I also always get the strange and unnerving urge to tidy the house, however I find if I ignore this for long enough, it eventually goes away.  (The urge to tidy goes away, I must point out, and not the house itself. Well, I hope it wouldn’t anyway – where would I keep all my gadgets then?)

So have a great day today, whenever it is, and a very happy New Year to you all!


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