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New Years Reverse Psychology Resolutions


Yes – I realise that this should really have been posted yesterday, however, one of my many delightful quirks is always being late – so, here are my resolutions for the coming 364 days…

  1. Never be on time for anything.
  2. Don’t get any more gadgets.
  3. Catch as many colds as possible – especially in time for any eagerly awaited event/holiday etc.
  4. Ignore as much domestic housework as possible.
  5. Spend as little time online as possible.

Now the best thing about this little list is that I’ll probably fail miserably at all of them, which can really only be a good thing (with the exception of point 5 – I just put that one in for a laugh!) or I’ll do the exact opposite of them all, which can also be a good thing. So, it’s a win-win situation! 



2 Responses to “New Years Reverse Psychology Resolutions”

  1. Hey Mrs Dozey, believe it or not these points are pretty powerful. It reminds me of myself. The principle is the same, “Get a lot of stuff done, in a reasonable amount of time, with very little effort.” This is only possible with gadgets of course!

    Great blog, I’m looking to exchange blogroll links if you’re ok with that? Trust this finds you well with ‘much domestic housework’ (quote unquote)


  2. Yay! Thank you! Love it!

    Yep – link away!

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