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My Lovely New Gadgets

Can’t really have a New Year with out a new Gadget or two! Tis just not the sort of thing a decent Geek Girl would do…

After the tragic loss of my beloved PDA, I thought I’d better get another one – however, I didn’t. I got this instead…

My Lovely new mini toy.

My Lovely new mini toy.

This lovely new tiny blue bit of gadgety loveliness is my Acer Aspire One. It uses Linux and such is a lovely and relatively cheap piece of kit 😀

My next new item was a present! My old and trusty drawing tablet was an old Wacom – several years old now simply refused to run on my new laptop (well, when I say new, it’s coming up for a year now already! ) The problem being, of course – Vista. 

Trust Drawing Tablet

Trust Drawing Tablet

So this is my new drawing tablet – a Trust 200 – V2.

*sighs in gurgly, happy gadgetiness*

2 Responses to “My Lovely New Gadgets”

  1. Wah, I can’t believe they invented it!

    My favourite toaster for sheer brilliant pointlessness is this one:

    Unfortunately I think it’s a prototype, they don’t actually make them. But wow, imagine if they did…

  2. Oh yes!!! I ogled that particular juicy item too in an earlier post!

    I WANT IT!!!!!

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