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Please now all take a minute or two to gasp in awe at the sleek, comfy goodness of my sexy new timepiece….


I don’t normally wear watches as I find them a bit irritating, (which also may go someway to explaining why I’m never on time for anything…) however, this lovely item arrived this morning and it feels so nice and light and non-annoying! According to the description on the lovely packaging,

It is made with a ‘material called Tourmaline which is a naturally occurring mineral widely used as a semi-precious gemstone responsible for many beneficial health effects including:

  • Increased concentration
  • Natural detoxification of the body
  • Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation
  • Improved vitality and movement

With all those benefits I should buy a stack load and pile them all on my arms like nicotine patches…

It also comes in a variety of lovely colours – in fact, I did have quite a difficult time in choosing between bright pink, yellow, blue or black (other colours are available), however in the end I decided to be rather boring and practical and went for the black one…

And not only all that – wait for it…. 



One Response to “Watch…”

  1. I saw that in Red5 the other day, they look so sleek. And in there IIRC it was really cheap!

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