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Mashed Culture with Chips

This morning, in the Dozey depths of struggling to gain what little awareness I can clasp on to in the early pre-breakfast morning, I was asked if I could remember Jean Valjean’s prisoner number… as you do.

Now, I’m not very good with numbers at the best of times – especially at some hideously early hour with only a half mug of coffee gulped down.

Pondering upon this vital question… I kept getting the number 90210 …It just kept popping in there! I knew it had a ‘2’ a ‘1’ and a ‘0’ in it somewhere – but could I shake that other number!!!!

And for anyone who is the remotest bit interested – JV’s number was 24601….


2 Responses to “Mashed Culture with Chips”

  1. That would have been Beverly Hills 90210……….(not that I ever watched such dross)

  2. Hehe – indeed it was!
    And – no, I didn’t watch it either 😉

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