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The Refreshment Corner

Every so often, I get the inexplicable urge to re-arrange things. Yesterday it was the Kitchen which received a dose of DozeyReshuggling.

Predictably, this morning I totally confused myself  in the kitchen and spent a considerable amount of time trying to locate the kettle…. It does, however seem to be working out rather splendidly.

The Tea/Coffee/Toast/Sandwich making area are all now within swivel distance of the fridge giving maximum Refreshment-Making efficiency.



4 Responses to “The Refreshment Corner”

  1. Crumbs! Impressive snack-preparation optimising going on there, you’re an inspiration to idlers everywhere. I’m always impressed by the amount of effort you put into helping yourself be lazy in the future!

    Splendid work, continue the research!

    Ooh, peckish now… 🙂

  2. Why thank you! However – no crumbs around THIS Refreshment Area I can tell you! Due to precisely mathematically calculated positioning all possible crumbs slide themselves directly into the nearby waste disposal unit situated close by thereby cancelling out even more unnecessary future workload.

    You can NEVER be too lazy and is something I will continue to devote my life to!

  3. Still think we should do away with the kettle, and you can just suck on a teabag.

  4. A noble sentiment! Why if this sofa wasn’t so damnably comfy I’d stand up and pledge allegiance to it. Mmm, comfy….

    Hmm, not sure I’m with you on the teabag thing. Can’t fault the reasoning but… yuck!

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