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As is usual, it takes me a little while to catch up with the rest of the Universe and as such, I’ve only just started to get into Primeval.

I watched the first couple episodes of the series 3 which is currently running and decided to pick up the first two seasons on DVD. Yay for Amazon!

Whilst watching, we’ve been playing the ‘Anomaly’ game – ie have a sip of wine/beer/beverage of choice whenever the word ‘Anomaly’ is mentioned.

Unfortunately – a small variation occurred last night during the viewing when it was decided that it was acceptable to have a sip when an Anomaly is seen too.

Funnily enough – I don’t feel too good this morning….


2 Responses to “Anomaly!”

  1. Series one of Primeval rocked the house, and I spent a lot of energy telling people so. Then series two was, with the exception of one episode, dreadful; and I looked like a berk. Thankfully series 3 is back on track.

    Interestingly, Spooks did exactly the same thing. Series 1 of Spooks was gritty counter-espionage drama. Series 2 tried to be the Avengers.

  2. Interestingly enough – I’m just about to start watching Spooks too (yes – how behind am I?! 🙂 )

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