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Shiney Fit Geekette!

It was the Dozey Geekettes birthday yesterday! Among my super dooper pressies, I got… a Wii Fit! YAY! Been after one for ages. So this morning I set it up and did my first session! I’ve never excercised before at all (beeing morally opposed to such hidious activity – however, since it’s attached to some nice gadgety kit and a telly screen – it is now a perfectly acceptable passtime – one which I intend to do every day!)

In fact – I was quite impressed this morning, considering my total lack of fitness (apart from some jolly good strong typing and button pushing fingers that is!) I put in 30 minutes in total (not counting set up time etc).

I did  a couple of short jogs, some balance games (most of which I must admit, I got a rating of ‘unbalanced’. I can merely assume that referred to my lack of balancing skills and not my current mental state. Mind you, come to think of it, both would be true…)  Then I did two Yoga thingies (never ever done Yoga before ever!) Two muscle work outs – ( 2 x leg extensions) and finished up with a long distance jog.

So, to be honest I’m actually quite proud of myself 🙂

Time for a big slice of cake to celebrate I think!


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