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There are not many game demo’s that encourage me to buy. Long gone are the days when I could afford to lose hours and days playing away,  in fact I hardly have the time to play at all these days.

Yesterday I came across such a beautiful game though, that I after playing the demo (which is only 3 levels) I felt inclined to buy it. Since I usually make wild, spontaneous purchases, I even decided to sleep on it.

Mechinarium is not a high speed, all action type game. Instead, it is a simple point and click puzzle game (although the puzzles are lovely). The artwork is truly beautiful.  Each level you are presented with a mainly static background picture, in which you have to guide a little robot in search of items that may be of use to it to solve that particular problem.  There are little visual clues in the form of animated scenes when you enter each new place. Items can be found and used either individually or combined.

The entire concept is fantastically simple, the puzzles engaging and along with a haunting soundtrack this little game just oozes atmosphere.

You can see what I’ve talking about and try the demo here.


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